An overview of main research topics


Basic research in microsystem technologies


Adsorpcion-desorption processes in MEMS/NEMS

Fluctuations and noise in microsystems

New technological processes in MEMS and NEMS



Building blocks for microsystems


Micro and nanocantilevers






Composite systems thin film-substrate


Micro and nanosystems


MEMS chip of low pressure sensor for elevated operating temperatures up 3000C 

MEMS chip of pressure sensor with built-in overpressure protection

Multipurpose MEMS sensors based on Zeebeck effect

Nanoplasmonic chemical and biological sensors

Chemical and biological sensors based on micro/nanocantilevers

Sensor of elementary mercury

Inertial sensors

MEMS microreactors 



Microoptoelectromechanical systems (MOEMS)


Ultraviolet Si photodetectors 

Two-color Si PIN photodetectors

Enhancement of IR detectors by plasmonic materials


Industrial measurement systems based on MEMS/NEMS


Intelligent industrial measurement transmitters

Sensor networks