Inertial sensors


Our research includes various types of mechanical MEMS sensors like accelerometers and gyroscopes. We chose piezoresistive effect for the readout of these devices. Our production and testing of accelerometers was directed to sensitive chips with nonstandard measurement ranges, since the standard ones are fabricated in large series for e.g. automotive industry or mobile phones. We utilized an approach similar to that applied in our pressure sensors, i.e. we used bulk micromachining to fabricate a diaphragm in single crystalline silicon, planar technologies are used to implant piezoresistors connected in a Wheatstone bridge, and in the middle of the diaphragm a boss is formed stat serves as the inertial mass. An alternative approach was to mount an additional intertial mass using the technique of micromounting. For gyroscopes we considered the surface micromachining technique to form a Coriolis vibrational gyroscope, i.e. we utilized paired probe masses which are brought into resonance (the tuning fork gyroscope).