Intelligent industrial transmitters

Starting from sensor microchips produced in our centre, we investigate enectronic circuitry for process purpose measurement transmitters of different types that ensure a decrease of measurement uncertainty (since they perform digital correction of uncertainties of sensor and transmit indication in digital form), simpler data acquisition (digital communication), offer a possibility of remote identification of transmitters and parameter readout (measurement result, measurement unit, the date of the last gauge, etc.), ensure remote adjustment (performed from a command room or some other remote location; mostly there is also a possibility to perform adjustments using a local user interface at the transmitter itself), give a possibility to change the measurement range without a need for re-gauging, ensure measurement of several variables using a single transmitter, have built-in diagnostics (automatic or per user request) and ensure networking (sevral units utilize a single communication channel). Starting from experience in production and exploitation of the existing transmitters, we are planning new versions with the following advantages: USB port, new microcontroller with better performance, modified mechanical elements of transmitter. We are also planning the introduction of a new product, an intelligent process-purpose transmitter with control function (relay outputs).