Particles of different materials with their dimensions below one micrometer and dowm to 10 nm in diameter are investigated in the Centre mostly from the point of view of multifunctionalization of sensor structures. Nanoparticles of transparent conductive oxides (TCO) like e.g. indium tin oxide (ITO) and zinc oxide with a size below 50 nm were fabricated by an unaqueous process. They were fabricated in the context of plasmonic chemical sensors as an alternative plasmonic material instead of metals, having lower absorption losses, higher plasma frequency with a value tailorable by the level of doping. We also produced metal nanoparticles (silver) chemically from aqueous solution of silver salt and used them also for plasmonic, within the context of functionalization of membranes for chemical sensors. Finally, an important part of our with with nanoparticles was the production of composite magnetic particles with a size of about 300 nm using planetary mills.