Multipurpose MEMS sensors based on Zeebeck effect


MEMS sensors based on Zeebeck effect are a subject of years of theretical and experimental research in CMT. An important advantage of this class of sensors is their very wide range of applications. Until now we realized several generations of thermal microsensors with thermocouples. The most recent generation is a multifunctional structure with improved performance, with a technological fabrication process compatible with our MEMS technology for the producion of piezoresistive pressure sensors. The process of sensor fabrication itself, starting from photolithographic masks, through technological processes that include bulk micromachining, represents a rounded system completely developed in our labs.



Results of the theoretical part of these investigations include analytical 1D and 2D models, as well as numerical models in CoventorWare package. Experimental research encompassed development of units and testing of sensors for gas flow measurements (nitrogen), vacuum sensor, thermoelectric converter, gas sensor (helium), intelligent vacuum sensor.