Dana Vasiljević-Radović

Full Research Professor

Head of Center of Microelectronic Technologies         





Center of Microelectronic Technologies

Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy

University of Belgrade

Njegoševa 12, 11000 Belgrade, SERBIA




+381 11 2638 188



+381 11 182 995







1991. B.Sc - Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade

1995. M.Sc. in Material Science, University of Belgrade

1997. Ph.D. in Material Science, University of Belgrade


Research Ranks:

1993. Research Trainee

1995. Research Assistant

1998. Assistant Research Professor

2002. Associate Research Professor

2007. Full Research Professor



·     Interdepartmental Committee for Physical Chemistry of Materials of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts  (2003-2011);

·     Master Scientific Committee for Electronic, Telecommunications and Information Technology, Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Serbia (2010 - Today );

·     Interdisciplinary Scientific Committee on Information and Communication Technologies, Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Serbia (2010 - Today );


Professional Experience:

1993 – 2003. Center for Multidisciplinary Studies, Materials Science Department, University of Belgrade;

Since 2003. Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy,  Center of Microelectronic Technologies,   University of Belgrade;

Since 2011. - Head of Department of Microelectronics Technologies



Research Interests:

Materials and Surface Characterization; Scanning Probe Microscopy; MEMS/NEMS Components and Devices; Semiconductor Physics; Photoacoustic and Photothermal Spectroscopy;


Professional Skills:

Scanning Probe Microscopy; Photoacoustic and Photothermal Spectroscopy; Infrared Spectroscopy;



378 (243 without self- and indirect citations) February 2016; h index = 8 (Scopus)


Language Skills:




International – FP7 Projects

2013 – 2016 New Permanent Magnets for Electric-Vehicle Drive Applications (MAG-DRIVE), Proj. ref. 605348, 7th Framework Programme, Commission of the European Communities, Research Directorate; (ICTM Chair);  website: http://mag-drive-fp7.eu/;

2008 – 2012 Reinforcement of Regional Microsystems and Nanosystems Centre REGMINA, Proj. No. 205533, 7th Framework Programme, Commission of the European Communities, Research Directorate,  (project co-chair 2008-2011 and project chair 2011-2012);

website: http://www.nanosys.ihtm.bg.ac.rs/Regmina/index.html

International – Other Projects

2015-2016 Label-Free Detection of Cancer Cells by Fiber-Optic Sensing Technique Based on Low-Coherence Interferometry -  cellFOS, Agreement No AN583, Austrian Center for Medical Innovation and Technology (ACMIT), OnkoTec GmbH & Donau-Universität Krem; (ICTM Chair).

2012-2014 Phase Change Actuator (PCA) , Agreement No AN194, Austrian Center for Medical Innovation and Technology (ACMIT), (ICTM Chair);

2005-2008 Micro-nano cantilever based detection of small electromagnetic forces, Proj. ref. IB7320-110923, Swiss National Science Foundation, SCOPES (Scientific co-operation between Eastern Europe and Switzerland)

International – COST Action

2015-2018 Hooking together European research in atomic layer deposition - HERALD, COST Action No.MP1402,  (MC Substitute); website:  http://www.european-ald.net/


National - Applied Research:

2011 – 2016 Micro and Nanosystems for Power Engineering, Process Industry and Environmental Protection MiNaSyS, Proj. No. TR-32008, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Republic of Serbia (Project Chair)

2008 – 2010 Microsystem, Nanosystem Technologies and Devices, Proj. No. 11027, Ministry of Science and Technological Development, Republic of Serbia, (Project chair during 2010.)

2005 – 2007 Micro and Nanosystem Technologies, Structures and Sensors, Proj. No. TR-6151, Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection, Republic of Serbia

2002 – 2004 Microsystem and Nanosystem Technologies for Sensors and Optoelectronics, Proj. No. 10E05, Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection, Republic of Serbia

1996 – 2000 Microelectronics, Optoelectronics and Microsystem Technologies, Proj. No. 10E05, Ministry of Science and Technology, Republic of Serbia

1993 – 1995 Microelectronics and Optoelectronics, Proj. No. 1001, Ministry of Science and Technology, Republic of Serbia



Major Publications:

Monographs and Chapters:

1.        B. Todorović-Marković, Z. Marković, I. Draganić, D. Vasiljević-Radović, N. Romčević, M. Romčević,  M. Dramićanin. Surface Modification of Fullerene Thin Films by Different Multiple Charged Ions, in Progress in Fullerene Research, Ed: Milton Lang, Nova Science Publishers, New York, 2007, 369-383, ISBN#: 9781600218415


Published papers:

1.        T.B. Tomkovic,  F.Radovanovic , A.B. Nastasovic, D. Vasiljević-Radović, J. Markovic, B. N. Grgur, A.E. Onjia, Solid phase extraction membranes with submicron multifunctional adsorbent particles, EUROPEAN POLYMER JOURNAL, (2015), vol. 63 br. , str. 90-100;

2.        K.M. Antić, M.M. Babić, J.J. Vuković, D. Vasiljević-Radović, A.E. Onjia, J.M. Filipović, S.L. Tomić, Preparation and characterization of novel P(HEA/IA) hydrogels for Cd2+ ion removal from aqueous solution, Applied Surface Science,  (2015) doi:10.1016/j.apsusc.2015.02.133.

3.        F.Radovanovic , A.B. Nastasovic, T.B. Tomkovic,  D. Vasiljević-Radović, A. Nesic, S.J. Velickovic, A.E. Onjia,  Novel membrane adsorbers incorporating functionalized polyglycidyl methacrylate,  REACTIVE & FUNCTIONAL POLYMERS, (2014), vol. 77 br. , str. 1-10.

4.        M. Obradov, Z.  Jaksic, D. Vasiljević-Radović, Suppression of noise in semiconductor infrared detectors using plasmonics,  Journal of Optics, (2014), vol. 16 br. 11, 125011 doi:10.1088/2040-8978/16/12/125011

5.        M.V. Pergal, J. Nestorov, G.I. Tovilovic,  S.B. Ostojic,  D.M. Godjevac, D. Vasiljević-Radović, J.A.  Djonlagic,, Structure and properties of thermoplastic polyurethanes based on poly(dimethylsiloxane): Assessment of biocompatibility, JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL MATERIALS RESEARCH PART A, (2014), vol. 102 br. 11, str. 3951-3964.

6.        Z.S. Jaksic, D.V. Pantelic, M.J. Sarajlic, S.N.  Savic-Sevic, J.B. Matovic, B.M.  Jelenkovic, D. Vasiljević-Radović, S.B. Curcic, S.M. Vukovic, V.Pavlovic, J. Buha, V.B. Lackovic, M.M. Labudovic-Borovic, B. Curcic, Butterfly scales as bionic templates for complex ordered nanophotonic materials: A pathway to biomimetic plasmonics, OPTICAL MATERIALS, (2013), vol. 35 br. 10, str. 1869-1875.

7.        Z .M. Jovanović, A.M. Kalijadis, D. Vasiljević-Radović. M.  Erić, M. Laušević, S. Mentus, Z. V. Laušević, Modification of glassy carbon properties under low energy proton irradiation, CARBON, (2011), vol. 49 br. 12, str. 3737-3746.

8.        B. Antić, A. Kremenović, I. Draganić, Ph. Colomban, D. Vasiljević-Radović, J. Blanuša, M. Tadić and M. Mitrić, Effects of O2+ ions beam irradiation on crystal structure of rare earth sesquioxides, Applied Surface Science, 225(17) (2009)  7601-7604.

9.        M. Počuča, G. Branković, Z. Branković, D. Vasiljević-Radović,  D. Poleti, Microstructure of LaNiO3 thin films obtained by the spin-on technique from citrate precursors, Ceramics International,  34(2) (2008) 299-303.

10.     N. Ignjatović, P. Ninkov, Z. Ajduković, D. Vasiljević-Radović, D. Uskoković, Biphasic calcium phosphate coated with poly-d,l-lactide-co-glycolide biomaterial as a bone substitute, Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 27 (2-3) (2007) 1589-1594.

11.     M. Počuča, G. Branković, Z. Branković, D. Vasiljević-Radović, D. Poleti, Optimization of processing parameters for preparation of LaNiO3 thin films from the citrate precursors, Journal of the European Ceramic Society,  27 (2-3) (2007) 1083-1086.

12.     B. Gaković, M. Trtica, D. Batani, T. Desai, P. Panjan, D. Vasiljević-Radović, Surface modification of titanium nitride film by a picoseconds Nd:YAG laser, Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics, 9 (2007) 76–80.

13.     B. Todorović- Marković, D. Vasiljević-Radović,  N. Romčević, M. Romčević,  M. Dramićanin, J. Blanuša, Z. Marković, Synthesis of amorphous carbon nitride by single and multiple charged nitrogen ion bombardment of fullerene thin films, J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys.,  40 (2007) 4264–4270.

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